Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the most popular means of naturopathy is apple cider vinegar. We will talk about the history of its application for medicinal purposes for more than a millennium, the benefits and damage of apple cider vinegar, what we should know about the contraindications. About this product has been written a lot of articles which are quite justified, because the list of ailments that can be overcome with it is very impressive. In addition, using apple cider vinegar, many women have found thin and seductive forms, and has found wide application in home cosmetology The effect of apple cider vinegar on the human body is multifaceted. Unlike other scientists, the well-known B.V. Bolotov spent a lot of time studying this topic and discovered that the effects of apple cider vinegar occur at the cellular level. He also developed special recipes with this medication to treat various diseases. First, let us know the useful properties of apple cider vinegar in general for health and beauty, and then consider its benefits and subtleties of use for various diseases.

Apple cider vinegar contains more than 16 types of amino acids, as well as vitamins A, P, C, E, B, beta-carotene. It also contains trace elements, such as magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, sodium and some others.

Cleanses the body of toxins.

It can help us strengthen immunity.

Activates all metabolic processes, many women like to use it for thinness.

It has antiseptic properties.

Stimulates the digestion processes.

Thanks to the pectin, which is part of the apple cider vinegar, improves the condition of the blood vessels. With the increase in body temperature helps reduce the temperature.

It has a diuretic effect, Strengthens our hair by turning them silky and shiny. Apple cider vinegar is also used for massages. This massage improves blood circulation, cleanses, refreshes, softens and tones.

Although there are many types of apple cider vinegar on store shelves look at the label, the vinegar must be malic acid, it must be composed of acid and water, nothing more. It is best to buy apple cider vinegar in a glass bottle and store at room temperature tightly closed. The effect of apple cider vinegar on the entire human body can not be overestimated, especially since it can be used to purify the body of various toxins. Today, many suffer from chronic fatigue, overwork. A person feels like a squeezed lemon, with a lack of will to do anything, impotence, and insomnia. An important role in the symptoms may be the lack of iodine in the body.

Apple cider vinegar for the heart and blood vessels.

Regular use of apple cider vinegar helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, which helps prevent heart attacks and strokes. In addition, the walls of the blood vessels are strengthened, blood circulation is improved and spasms are eliminated. In addition, this remedy has a beneficial effect on the cardiac muscle, which contributes to its correct reduction.

Application of apple cider vinegar in hypertension.

For hypertension use 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to dissolve water in 1 teaspoon and drink it. In addition, your diet should include foods rich in vitamins, minerals and organic acids. These products include: honey, vegetables, nuts, fruits, berries (especially cranberries), apples and grapes. Salt and sugar should be consumed minimally.

Apple cider vinegar against varicose veins.

Against varicose veins, the official medicine offers only surgery. However, apple cider vinegar has proven effective for the treatment of this disease, helps reduce varicose nodules and, in some cases, eliminate them completely. The treatment is 1 glass of purified water, but not boiled, dissolve 2-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, it is a single dose. Take 2 times a day. You can also improve the effect of the treatment if you follow certain rules, for example, exclude pork, raw eggs and animal fats in your meals. There are several recipes for the external treatment of varicose veins with apple cider vinegar. The simplest thing is to rub the diseased leg with apple cider vinegar without diluting once or twice a day.

Apple cider vinegar against hemorrhoids.

One of the most effective means of alternative medicine for hemorrhoids is apple cider vinegar. The treatment consists in applying a cloth to the hemorrhoidal lumps moistened with undiluted apple cider vinegar. After drying, lubricate the stains with a wax-based propolis ointment. The treatment should be done twice a day: in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed. To improve the effect, you should drink a solution of apple cider vinegar in water with honey. Such treatment helps stop bleeding, heals wounds and cracks, relieves itching, disinfects and also reduces hemorrhoidal cones.

How to take apple cider vinegar?

It is recommended in a glass of purified, not boiled, and dissolve 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of honey. In general, apple cider vinegar can be consumed in any way, replacing them with common table vinegar. B.V. Bolotov, for example, advises that add a few drops of this vinegar to tea, coffee, soups and broths. As we said, it is better to consume homemade apple cider vinegar.

Although there is information about the use of apple cider vinegar to combat different diseases, this information should be used with caution. It should be remembered that this vinegar is still an acid, and you should be more careful if you will use it for a long time. If you have any acute or chronic disease, I recommend that you consult a doctor you trust before starting treatment with apple cider vinegar, as this as many other products are more effective to prevent than to cure. Also, do not consume a solution of apple cider vinegar without having eaten something previously. Be cautious and careful, start using this medicine with minimal doses, gradually increase the amount and do not spend too much time in treatment. Also, I want to warn you that this type of treatment is not suitable for everyone, even for healthy people. If you feel discomfort after taking apple cider vinegar, especially do not continue with the treatment, listen to your body, he will tell you everything.